‘I spent hours trying to write something and had to give up.

It needs a voice that I cannot find! I can’t do them justice.

If I were to describe Andrew’s wonderful pictures to someone on the phone, ‘d say they were Hiltonish and Learlke.’

Andrew Lanyon

Publisher, Author, Film Maker and Painter

43A littenAndrew Litten Lives in Fowey In Cornwall with his family and works from his sail loft studio.

Andrew Litten can be considered an ‘Outsider’. Self-taught and working away from the mainstream, his practice is raw and uncooked, unadulterated by culture.
He tackles the emotions that lie beneath the mundane and the ordinary.
Images and actions behind closed doors expose a darker side of the human condition. The viewer is drawn in by a softness and humor, which is often juxtaposed against a more sinister edge.
Often working in complete chaos on the floor of his studio, and sometimes in near darkness, he manipulates a wide range of disparate materials and found objects. Accidental splashes and grazes on a primed surface spontaneously kick start the process of making the work.
Much sort after, both in the UK and abroad, his work is also owned by Anthony Petullo, one of the foremost collectors of ‘Outsider’ art in the United States.