Born 1967, St Agnes, Cornwall, UK.

David works principally in the mediums of sculpture, printmaking, painting and charcoal drawing. In 1998, he was awarded the Jaguar Painting Prize and in 1999 he was entered into the degree of Bachelor of Arts with honours at Falmouth College of Art and Design.

Living and working in Japan from 1999 to 2005, David found that the visual diversity and cultural differentiation between his upbringing in Cornwall and his life in Japan compelled him to produce works that communicate his own reflections of visual and emotional responses.

In 2002, at Imai Studio, Chiba, Japan, he produced a series of eight objects. One of these, Turning the Tables is a wooden sculpture that had an affinity with the complexities of his life at time. From the seething multitudes in the city to the quiet of the countryside he travelled endlessly between town and country, frenzy and calm, ugliness and beauty. (see also, The Transforming Semi-Cicada)

Between 2002 and 2005, David produced six volumes of hand printed books. These testaments consist of text chapters that are assisted by images of hand printed mono and wood block prints. They form a series of chapters that hold a reflection on his visual interpretations and captions of thoughts in viewing.
For David, his materials, much of which he collects and finds in their natural state, are a source of the development of his ideas and method. In all aspects of the manipulation and processing of materials, his conceptual framework enables metaphors to assist in the realisation of the physicality of form. These metaphors, developments and arrivals are a reflection of the desires and deficiencies that drive him to convey the incompleteness of “the self”. Created at the Imai Studios, examples of this drive and compelling urge to define include: Body Dodge, Place, Seed and Tuned.In his free-flowing drawings, David demonstrates motion, gesture and performance to materialise a language beckoned by thought and inspired by the automation of the hand. The result is an organisation of structure through form and tone that creates intimate images revealing his innermost sensibilities.

More recently, David has been heavily inspired by all of his senses. He believes that painting is a situation of materials, time and visual developments. The relationship between these elements and the sequences of events bring from him an emotional and mythological response that is evident in his arousing work.David has returned to live in Cornwall.

Exhibition Works


International Print Exhibition

Jaguar Painting Exhibition

International Print Exhibition
Heavens Door Tokyo Japan(solo)
American Embassy Tokyo Japan(solo)
G.H.G Ebisu Tokyo Japan(solo)
Tokyo Salon Japan(solo)
Falmouth Arts Centre(invited)

“Art Now Cornwall ?”, Goldfish, Penzance
Form Art Fair, Olympia