I am very interested in the connections between religion, mythology and technology and the enduring archetypes which have persisted throughout many cultures. Some of my work resembles archaeological or ethnological displays. I am very interested in the way that the past is constantly being re-interpreted and exploring the ‘language of things’. My work is produced as a reaction and comment – often satirical, to the changing world around me, and as such is constantly changing. Recently I have built a series of large, humorous sculptures for the Eden Project in Cornwall based on the themes of plants and people.DK

Most of my work is produced in a reaction to the world about me. Large scale site specific work is usually a specific theme related to its site. My work changes as the materials society discards change.
I continue to look for opportunities to build large or small sculpture and create exhibitions that reflect, often with humour, the effects our rapidly growing technology is having on our lives and beliefs.